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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​MENA Market Development Advisory Services

Target : Nordic Companies wishing to expand into the MENA region 

Nordic companies naturally expands within the Nordics, and then into the EU, but are more reluctant when it comes to growth into the Middle East and North Africa region.

Our consultants have been working, for the past decade, on expanding companies’ coverage inside the MENA Region.

The fast growth in population, coupled with high income resulting from oil production, have focused government investments towards infrastructure projects that are driving MENA economies to grow faster than any other region in the world. The recent political transitions is actually a driver for some governments in the MENA region to invest more in infrastructure and services which is driving all other industries. The time is right to expand into the MENA region.
nordmena consulting will help Nordic companies explore opportunities in the MENA region, and affirm solid presence for their brands and offerings.

Advisory Services 
- Develop market strategies for the MENA region
- Develop / Adapt partner program for the MENA region
- Assist in finding and recruiting channel partners
- Logistics and credit issues in the MENA region
- Regulatory concerns 
- Mediate contract negotiations 
- Recruit staff that will be based in the region
- Host staff in one of our MENA offices 
- Facilitate participation in regional events 

Flexible offering
- Defined scope and deliverables consultancy Service     based on fixed fee
- Continuous long term advisory services based on result     oriented fees
- Defined tasks based on cost+ fees

Broadband Advisory Services

Target: Broadband Fibre & FTTH Triple-Play Projects in the MENA region

The ever-growing need for more bandwidth by users requires a future proof infrastructure that can accommodate all applications and services. Fiber transmits data at the speed of light, which makes FTTH the future proof solution. However, the changing business models as well as the continuously emerging practices makes it challenging to set the right strategy to plan and implement FTTH networks.

Our consultants have long experience in the Nordic region, which is the world’s leading market and the most advanced in the broadband industry. Furthermore, nordmena consultants are considered the pioneers of the most advanced broadband networks for alternative operators in the MENA region.

nordmena consulting will advise customers to create business objectives, and set the RoI targets. It will also design the network that achieves these business objectives. All work shall be based upon technologies that will out survive changing business and operational modules, as well as continue to deliver future applications and services.

Industry Segments 
- FTTH/FTTx for Real Estate developers
- FTTH/FTTx for Utilities 
- Access networks & backhauling Networks
- Fibre Networks

Advisory Services
- Feasibility studies and RoI Calculations
- Technology Path options and Selection
- Network Design 
- Tender Preparation & Evaluation
- Business Modelling
- Operational Modelling


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